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Upskirt Tease

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So I got to work early today, hoping to get a headstart on the week.  I am normally the first person in the office, even when I get in at my usual time, so I was a little surprised to see Megan in so early.  Megan and used to flirt occassionally, especially at our all too frequent happy hours.  Since I’m married and so is Megan, I just don’t see the harm in a little healthy tension.

This morning came as a bit of a shock though.  Megan is about 10 years older than I am, with an amazing body that the average 25 year-old would kill for.  She was sitting at her cube in a reasonably tight skirt, with her long, tan leg tucked under her butt.  Five minutes after I walked in, she called for me to come over to her desk.

I turned the corner just in time to see her adjusting herself in the chair, giving me a fleeting upskirt glimse.  Clearly not intentional, but exciting nonetheless.  Being a bit of a nerd and the department’s go-to guy for small computer problems, she asked me to give her a hand with a simple problem.  Kneeling down by her computer, I quickly figured out the problem but was distracted by her moving around in her chair.  Though the first glimpse was obviously an accident, I must have “glanced” too long, because she seemed to notice how distracted I was.  It seemed like every five seconds she moved one leg or the other, tucked her skirt in, or generally fidgeted about.  Each time her movement caught my eye and each time she seemed to linger a bit longer with her legs open.  To my dismay, she was wearing normal panties, so no full on view, but it was still highly erotic and distracting.

On her way out of the office today she stuck her head in my cube to “Apologize for being such a distraction.”  The sparkle in her eye and the slight grin seemed to say it wasn’t an accident.

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July 21, 2008 at 11:29 pm

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